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Pacific Tax Advisors has been serving the Los Angeles and Orange County metros for over 20 years. Our team is composed of highly talented CPA’s , EA’s which server as very good tax advisors that have the expertise & experience to deliver the service your business needs to grow. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and technical know how you can rest assured everything will be handled from start to finish. We have offices in North Hollywood and south Orange County, our locations are located in Burbank and Newport Beach, CA.

We have been the city of Burbank’s go to for all income tax preparation and CPA needs, we serve the surrounding areas of North Los Angeles and Orange County, we offer evaluations for both personal and business taxes and especially those that work in the entertainment industry. We also provide consultations to help you understand the recent changes in California with how California now determines what an employee is, the recent laws have changed on what is considered a contractor which is many times is referred to as a 1099 employee and what is a employee, so it will help you as a business owner and or an employee to understand how this change may affect you and your business.

Unknowingly to most people, CPA’s can file taxes. Over the last couple of years, they have been recognized as best for handling income tax. Currently, they are able to handle other areas like bookkeeping, auditing, information technology, managerial accounting, forensic accounting etc. While they are able to file taxes, there is a certain code of ethics that they must strictly abide by. One of them is that they need to be independent when handling reviews and audits. Being certified, CPA’s understand the various Federal tax laws and are in a better position to help you out. They can also handle business taxes as well.

CPA in Burbank

Income tax preparation and CPA services in North Hollywood; some of our business clients at our location in Burbank are listed below

Cognitive Computer Solutions

Burbank Chamber of Commerce

Burbank High School

Burbank Police Department

The North Hollywood area of Los Angeles County, California. It’s home many TV and movie studios, which include Disney/Pixar and Warner Bros, it is also home to The Falcon Theatre, founded by director Garry Marshall, focuses on new writing and improv. In the Verdugo Mountains, to the north, trails near the Stough Canyon Nature Center offer San Fernando Valley views.

Los Angeles is filled with normal everyday people like you and I, however we are also the entertainment capital of the world so there are a lot of actors, musicians that are famous and many that are not, but the reality depending on where you fall on this spear you will need proper tax guidance.

Tax Advisors in LA

Celebrities are just people. They are subject to the same temptations and lapses of judgement that we all are. The problem is they are in a very fast paced world, with lots of new money, and with the eyes of the media on them all the time.

Most of the celebrities I am familiar with made a wise choice and hired a business manager and good CPA (Pacific Tax Advisors) and we made sure that they meet their tax obligations, put lots of money away for retirement, and adopted a conservative lifestyle. You don’t hear about their money or tax problems. They are happily doing their thing and are prepared for any rainy day, including Tax Day.

If you ever have any questions on new tax laws, or if you think that you didn’t get back as much as you think you should have, please do not hesitate to call and schedule an appointment, we can evaluate up to the last 3 years of your taxes to see if your last tax person missed some tax breaks. You can contact us at 818-918-5996.